Contribution to the advanced information society by utilizing the antenna and transmission technologies

Recently, the importance of wireless communication has been growing, as the information and communication technology (ICT) has become faster, more densified and diversified.
As a result, the transmission technologies, including antennas, which are the core of wireless communication, are attracting keener attention.
Antenna Giken pioneered in putting cutting-edge antennas, etc. into practical use as products and services.
Antenna Giken will also contribute to the actualization of a convenient and pleasurable society based on the transmission technologies, including antennas.

Four features for meeting the needs of clients

  1. Technology

    We make full use of the latest technologies for designing and producing transmission devices, including antennas, filters, and peripheral devices.

  2. Development

    We develop transmission devices based on our experience and a state-of-the-art electromagnetic field simulator.

  3. Proposal

    We give proposals from the viewpoint of each client.
    We always take new methods into consideration and try to develop better products.

  4. Experience

    We possess the know-how regarding wireless communication and transmission technologies we have accumulated so far.
    With this know-how, we are able to provide products that satisfy the requests from clients.

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