Company profile

For incoming global competitions, our company concentrates managerial resources to the development, design, measurement, and adjustment that require expertise and experience as a "manufacturer specializing in development," and operates businesses in cooperation with business partners that undertake most of manufacturing processes. We also put importance on inquires and requests for a one-time or only one customized product. This indicates how passionate we are about research and development.
So that engineers will be able to use the cutting-edge technologies without restraint by utilizing their individualities and ideas, we will enrich the environment of equipment, devices, etc., acquire new technologies, accumulate know-how, and contribute to the growth of society.

CEO Jun Fujiwara

  1. Design, production, test, construction, and sales of antennas, filters, and related products
  2. Research and development of antennas, filters, and related products
  3. High frequency to microwave bandwidths
Main Products
  1. Antennas for communications
  2. Antennas for broadcasting
  3. Antennas for special uses
  4. Filters and dividers for communications
  5. Filters for broadcasting
  6. Transmission devices and equipments for special uses
Foundation Established in 1965
Office Address: 4-72 Miyagayato, Minuma-ku Saitama-city 337-0011 Japan
Tel: +81(48)-685-1300
Fax: +81(48)-685-2301

Organizational chart

Organizational chart


4-72 Miyagayato, Minuma-ku Saitama-city 337-0011 Japan
TEL +81(48)-685-1300 FAX +81(48)-685-2301