Business Areas

Our company specializes in antennas and related communication devices for professional & industrial use.

We provide special antennas for various customers and organizations in focused potential fields. They include antennas for disaster prevention telemeters, train, aircraft, transport, fire, power, broadcast and underground wireless in ground-based to sea-based equipment as well as for satellite and defense applications, covering a wide range of frequency from HF to microwave.

Antenna Product

Our company provides a wide array of antennas covering a wide frequency range from the HF to microwave bands.
Especially, we supply special antennas for overland equipment (including anti-disaster telemeters, transportation means, such as trains and airlines, power for fire-fighting, broadcasting, wireless communication in underground malls, and communication bases), offshore equipment, satellite-related equipment, and defense.
Our products make wireless communication reliable and anxiety-free.

Filter Product

Recent communications systems are diversified and high-precision.
However, the usable frequency bands for communications systems are specified by public organizations.
Filters take the important role of inhibiting the mutual interference of radio waves and removing noise, for utilizing the usable frequency bands for communications systems.
Our company provides a variety of filters covering a broad frequency range from the HF to micro wave bands.
In detail, we keep supplying high-performance filters, including the compact filters for dielectric resonators and the large coaxial filter used at base stations, etc.

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